Библиография важнейших работ М.Мид

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Библиография важнейших работ М.Мид

1. Coming of Age in Samoa. A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation. Morrow. N. Y., 1928.

2. Growing Up in New Guinea. A Comparative Study of Primitive Education. Morrow. N. Y., 1930.

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8. The Mountain Arapesh. II. Supernaturalism.- Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, 37. Pt 3, 1940, с 317-451.

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12. The School in American Culture. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Mass., 1951.

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20. "Totem and Taboo" Reconsidered with Respect.- Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 27, Л" 4 (1963), с 185-199.

21. Continuities in Cultural Evolution. Yale University Press. New Haven and London, 1964.

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25. Blackberry Winter. My Earlier Years. Morrow. N. Y., 1973.

26. Culture and Commitment. The New Relationships Between the Generations in the 1970s. Rev. and Updated Edition. N. Y., 1978.

Книги, написанные исследовательницей в соавторстве

27. Mead M. and Bunzel R., eds. The Golden Age of American Anthropology. Braziller. N. Y., 1960.

28. Mead M. and Macgregor F. С. Crowth and Culture. Putnam. N. Y., 1951.

29. Mead M. and Metraux R., eds. The Study of Culture at a Distance. University of Chicago Press, 1953.

30. Mead M. and Wolfenstein M., eds. Childhood in Contemporary Cultures. University of Chicago Press, 1955.

Полная библиография работ М.Мид на 1975 г., составлена Джоан Гордон